1. Queen, Goddess, Number One, Role Model, Angel….. A million words I can use to try to describe this courageous, fearless, selfless woman …. but at the end of the day no word makes her feel more special than MOM!!! How lucky am I to have come here through you? You nurtured and taught and cultured me…and then some things couldn’t be taught, but were inevitable simply because I’m your daughter, this is why I say “how lucky…?”. Nothing could have prepared me for this world more than you did! Thank you for always saying the right things at perfect times, thank you for ACTUALLY ALWAYS knowing like you always say moms do, thank you for putting your needs aside for your 3 lil monsters and anybody else, Thank you for cutting my ass when I was getting outta line, Thank you for teaching me how to think like a nigga, Thank you for everything, Thank you for being you!!! Today is a special day…The day He sent you! #HappyBirthday#April5 #MOM

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  5. Lay back, and feast as this audio guides you through new and exciting positions.

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  7. I don’t need to be on top to know I’m wanted, ‘cause I’m strong enough to know the truth. I just want it to be hot because I’m blessed when I’m in love and I’m in love with you. / G.U.Y.

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